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Vedang L&G 360

Vedang L&G 360 is a comprehensive web based business solution for managing complete LNG business process right from planning to shipping. It supports the processes like business planning, production planning, LNG delivery planning & scheduling, shared LNG storage and loading terminal planning & scheduling, shared Non-LNG delivery & storage and loading terminal planning & scheduling, Non-LNG cargo ownership split, shipping analysis etc.


  • Projected production and sales volumes for all LNG and non LNG products
  • Option to import/export the nomination of Gas & Utilities
  • Manages the LNG delivery plans
  • Manages the LNG Scheduling plans
  • Planned Vs Actual Delivery/Scheduling
  • Receive and manage the berth lifting plan such as production & lifting plans, maintenance schedules, flow rates, weather, LNG producers’ requests, etc.
  • Manages the Pipeline Nomination data
  • Covers the Inventory and Tank Farm management
  • Covers the storage, delivery and berth constraints
  • Calculation of ownership percentage share for multiple producers sharing common facilities
  • Captures the real time voyage data
  • Covers the Vessel Scheduling, voyage order, voyage plan based on the vessel Sequencing and the delivery constraints
  • Prepares the voyage Bunker Planning
  • Covers the Vessel positioning including the weather maps
  • Covers the deviation factors such as Stoppage/Deviation/Delays statements (SDD) sent by vessel with respect to time, bunker consumed, distance deviated, LNG consumed
  • Manages the vessel related details such as speed, fuel consumption, incidents on board, etc.