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Vedang Pipeline Construction Monitoring System
This application is designed to monitor the construction progress of pipeline on a real time basis. Data that is fed in the E-Pipebook system on a daily basis is indexed using complex algorithm that leaves no scope for discrepancies. The solution is designed to provide real time information about pipeline progress during following three stages, project planning, project execution/construction, operation & maintenance. Tracking of each progress activity is reported in form of data, graphical reports and geo-referenced maps.

System Highlights:

  • Projections of pipeline route on web GIS map
  • Schematic corridor generated with survey data & overlay of activity progress, thickness chart
  • Attaching photos, videos, drawings, Isometrics in related stations, crossings, utilities etc. to provide complete details of pipeline which helps O&M to identify the location, pipe details, joint details, related documents/drawings etc. for disaster management.
  • Monitor the construction process on a real time basis with various progress monitoring tools & dynamic reporting.