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Vedang E-Pipebook
Vedang E-Pipe book captured & monitor the various construction activities of Oil & Gas Pipelines and facilitates to generate automatically 'As Built'. System also tracks the progress details of construction activities on GIS platform. System captures all the details like survey, clearing, grading, Right of way, pipe stringing, pipe cutting, bending details, trenching, blasting, welder & welding, NDT & joint coating & repairing, lowering & bottom padding, back-filling and top padding, hydro-testing, restoration, TCP/PCP, cathodic protection, OFC blowing/jointing, crossings details etc. System is also available on GIS platform.

System Highlights:

  • Overall management information system and reports with graphical representations
  • Generation of scope vs actual / S-curves on weight-age percentages.
  • Attachment of photos, videos, drawings in related stations, crossings, utilities etc. to provide complete details of pipeline which helps O&M to identify the location, pipe details, joint details, related documents/drawings etc. for disaster management.
  • Integration with Email, SAP, SCADA, GIS, Barcode etc.