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Midstream Suite
Midstream suite consists of E- Pipe book, GIS based Right of way & land management system, Gas Pipeline Management System and L&G 360, GIS based Facility Management, Disaster Management and Electronics work Permit system. The system allow user to shift from traditional stand-alone maintenance practice to Integrated Asset Integrity maintenance process.

Vedang ROU-LMS

Vedang RoU-LMS covers complete business process for acquiring & managing the “Right of Way “for Oil & Gas Pipelines or any Oil & Gas installations. System supports & the maintain the cadastral databases of landowners , generation of government notices / notifications , objection from landowners , compensation calculation based on area , payment details, award generation, termination details etc. System also maintain the databases of permissions/ regulatory approvals for forest land, crossing like railway, highway, river etc. System is also available on GIS platform.

Vedang E-Pipebook

Vedang E-Pipe book captured & monitor the various construction activities of Oil & Gas Pipelines and facilitates to generate automatically ‘As Built “ . System also tracks the progress details of construction activities on GIS platform. System captures all the details like survey, clearing, grading, Right of way , pipe stringing, pipe cutting ,bending details , trenching, blasting, welder & welding , NDT & joint coating & repairing , lowering & bottom padding, back-filling and top padding, hydro-testing, restoration, TCP/PCP, cathodic protection, OFC blowing/jointing, crossings details etc. System is also available on GIS platform.

Vedang Pipeline Construction Monitoring System

This application is designed to monitor the construction progress of pipeline on a real time basis. Data that is fed in the E-Pipebook system on a daily basis is indexed using complex algorithm that leaves no scope for discrepancies. The solution is designed to provide real time information about pipeline progress during following three stages, project planning, project execution/construction, operation & maintenance. Tracking of each progress activity is reported in form of data, graphical reports and geo-referenced maps.

Vedang Gas Pipe Line Management System

Vedang Gas PipeLine Management System(GPMS),manages the Gas Transportation Agreement(GTA) and supports 24X7 Gas transportation operations like nomination,confirmation,pipeline scheduling,allocation,pipeline inventory,imbalances etc. and processing of invoices after considering the contractual obligations like monthly take or pay,imbalances,liquidated damages and prior period adjustment(PPA) etc.The system act as a collaboration tool between the Gas producer,shippers and Gas Transporter for daily operation of Gas business.

Vedang L&G 360

An advanced web based solution for effectively managing a wide spectrum of processes, services and transactions; ranging from planning to shipping. The solution encapsulates the complete business process of L & G business and has earned appreciation from some of the leading L & G companies in Middle East.