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Works Contract Management

Following are the silent features of the system:
• Preparation of DPR from SOR & preparation of Scheme estimate for Infrastructure facilities
• Preparation of detailed estimates for various infrastructures by field engineer
• Approval from TAC Approval process for getting Administrative Sanction, Scrutiny and sanction of project
• Preparation of Tender Schedule, Tender Notice, Tender Notice approval
• Advertisement in Daily newspapers and state bulletin
• E – Procurement Process like uploading the tender documents, receiving of tenders, Opening of tenders & online EMD submission
• Auto evaluation based on of Eligibility Criteria
• Auto bid comparison of rates of qualified tenderers Selection of L1 Tenderer
• Award of contract covering negotiation with Tenderer, Acceptance by TAC, Acceptance of L1 Tender & Approval authority to sanction the Estimate
• Signing the agreement & Handing over site for construction
• Project Monitoring, Provision of uploading of progress picture ( Image & Video ) with Geo tagging of site /location
• Online Measurement bill submission facility to contactor & Approval of bill
• Processing/Payment of Bill
• Punch point monitoring