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Human Resource Management System

VedangHRMS360™ is a web based Human Resource Management System for capturing the entire process of HR from induction to retirement. The system covers all function of the Human Resource Department that deals with recruitment, employees' management, payroll, performance, training etc. System provides the integrated solution of HR & Payroll. System can be used to simplify the daily tasks involved in the HR Department. System acts as a bridge between human resource management and information technology. System allows enterprises to automate many aspects of human resource management, with the dual benefits of reducing the workload of the HR department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing HR processes. System is also available on cloud.

System Features:

• Recruitment Solution: System captures the details like job posts, job candidates, and short list candidates based on criteria, job interviews and selection.
• Online Job Portal: System has the option of job portal that displays the job requirements of the company.
• Employees Bio data & Personal file: System captures the employee details like Employees joining, contracts, attendance, events, assignments, worksheet, employee forms, leaves, transfers, resignations, achievements, travel, promotions and employee separation/exit etc.
• Payroll, Inbuilt payroll captures the details like payroll structure, salary, pay slips, deductions, bonuses, reimbursements , provident funds, loans and insurance etc.
• Employees Attendance/Biometrics: System has the option to capture the employee attendance by integrating with Biometrics system as per the user requirements.
• Leave Management: System has the built in online features to capture the leave management and leave encashment.
• Employees Appraisal & Knowledge Management/ Document System
• Training: System covers the training processes like training requisitions and approvals, employee training details, training events and seminars etc
• Comprehensive Reporting: System has the option to generate various reports and that can be customizable at user level.
• Approval workflow: System has user defined workflow to approve any process like attendance approval, leave approval, travel approval etc.
• Notifications/Alerts: System has inbuilt features to pop up the notification or alerts through E-Mail.
• Customization: The system can be customized to meet the company requirements.
• Dashboard: System has the built-in role based dashboard facility.